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Important Reminders when Planning a Minnesota Event

Rear view of club concert

Minnesota is an active state. There is an event everywhere you go. Whether you’re headed to a scramble at the Somerby Golf Club or you’re joining a benefit concert at Lake City, you’re sure to meet like-minded individuals trying to have fun and helping a cause. Being an attendee is different from being an organizer, however.

If you’re organizing an event, you should remember the following:

Confirm Rentals Weeks Before the Event

Event rentals are part of organizing your event, whatever kind of mixer it may be. You will need tents, tables, and chairs, for starters. Without these, your guests will not feel comfortable and they will not be able to concentrate on the event. You also need the tents, to be prepared for St. Paul’s weather changes. Since event rental companies may get busy at certain times of the year, it’s best to double-check your rentals weeks in advance, pay for them to avoid cancellation, and remind the company a week before.

Check RSVPs, if Applicable

You need to know how many guests you will have, to determine if you’ll need additional chairs and food. If you’ve sent out RSVP cards with the event invites, give the recipients one final reminder via email or text. Then, check all the confirmed attendees. To be safe, leave some allowance for a few more last-minute guests.

Double-check that Food Is Enough

Some people may not think the RSVP is necessary, and they might show up to the event unannounced. If you’re holding a charity concert, it won’t seem fitting to turn guests away. It also won’t reflect well on your event if you don’t have enough food to serve. Always check that there is enough for the guests and for ten or more people, in case someone decided to bring another person with them.

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It’s a huge responsibility, planning an event. But it all pays off when people are genuinely happy for attending.

  • Posted on August 4, 2017