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In-Ground Pool Pumps: What are Your Options?

a swimming poolThere are various implements included in successful pool running and construction, and among the essential ones is the pool’s pump. This forms the heart of your pool’s circulation system. The circulation system keeps your water clean by pulling it through the main drain and skimmer and then through your filter and back to the pool.

Investing in the right pump based on your pool’s size is essential in avoiding water contamination. Pool cleaners in Plano, TX will propose various pumps for their clients. Here are the three primary pump types you can consider for your pool.

Single-Speed Pumps

This is the most popular pump option primarily because of its low cost. A single-speed pump removes debris and dirt using one motor. The pump operates at 3450 revolutions per minute or RPM. Though very efficient in keeping your pool clean, a single-speed pump uses considerable energy and might increase your bills.

Dual-Speed Pump

This pump has two speeds: 1725 and 3450 RPM. The pump is programmed to run at the low rate of 1725 RPM most of the time. 3450 RPM is typically used for three to six hours daily for high-speed filtration. Dual-speed pumps are commonly used in spas that require the high-speed filtration during their jet action. They will result, however, in more energy saving compared to single-speed pumps for swimming pools.

Variable-Speed Pumps

These pumps have eight different pump motor speeds ranging from 400 to 3450 RPM. They are the best blend of pressure, water flow, and energy-efficiency. Though they have a high initial cost, variable-speed pumps will significantly decrease your energy costs and offer optimal filtration.

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Efficiently matching the above pumps to the size of your pool requires expertise. Without a pool cleaner’s recommendation, you might end up with buyer’s remorse. Expert maintenance of your pump will also considerably boost its durability and the efficiency of its operation.

  • Posted on June 30, 2018