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Interactivity over Functionality: Getting Millennials to Book at Your Hotel

Millennials Riding on a Tour BusMore and more businesses are adjusting their brands to fit the style and preference of Millennials. This is a great marketing strategy since Millennials are 83 million strong, currently, and are arguably already the most influential generation in America.

The trends in the hospitality industry, for example, saw some of the most drastic changes. Millennials are seeking hotels that offer an interactive experience and not just mere functionality. Here are some changes hotel owners should take note of if they want to increase their Millennial clientele.

Have a Strong Online Presence

It’s not enough that you have a functional website. Peak14media.com, a marketing agency for hotels, believes that asking the question “Who are your ideal guests?” will help you come up with an effective marketing strategy. A mobile version of your website is also important since the majority of Millennials book their accommodations through smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, around eighty-seven percent of Millennials get their travel inspirations from Facebook. So, take advantage of your social media accounts and start a conversation with them today.

Create Interactive Spaces

Meeting new people is one of the major reasons Millennials seek to travel. Provide interactive spaces around your hotel for them to do this. It can be a game room, a swimming pool lounge, or an inviting lobby. Give these areas a makeover to encourage visitors to try out the entertainment and mingle with other guests.

Serve Up Some Local Fare

Eighty-six percent of Millennials want to experience a new culture while they travel. This includes dining on local dishes. So, you might want to consider offering menu items based on your locality. From locally-crafted beers to the food that the area is most known for (with your own twist to make it stand out, of course), Millennial guests will love the opportunity to experience these unique flavors.

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Charge a Reasonable Price

Millennial travelers are smart travelers. In fact, they are always looking for a travel experience that is not only unique but affordable to boot. If you want to gain their loyalty, offer great amenities for a reasonable price.

Millennials are not your average tourists. With their use of technology to get the best travel deals and a passion for experiencing every aspect of a new culture, you have to hit the right mix of being a responsive host online, a social and local food hub, and a reasonable charger. If you want more of these savvy travelers to stay at your hotel, keep their interests in mind.

  • Posted on March 27, 2017