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Internal Hiring: It’s Not Always the Solution

A Job InterviewThe complex nature of recruitment may encourage more employers to bypass the entire process and pick one of their own for an open position. After all, when you have the right person for the job, why exert effort in hiring externally?

In some cases, an employee may have expressed an interest in the vacancy. The individual seems to be the ideal person but lacks the position’s needed experience or skills. A & S Recruitment, a staffing agency in Ipswich, believes the right person is essential to the success of your organisation.

Should you invest time and resources in developing an employee or should you look for someone outside the company?

Internal Hiring: Not Always an Option

Managers and business owners may feel the need to reward veteran employees seeking advancement. It makes sense for a number of reasons: the employee already knows the business’s core values, you retain a valuable worker, or you save money and time on external hiring.

While there is nothing wrong with rewarding hard work, it also pays to be cautious with internal hiring. It comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages.

It can cost your business when you promote an employee whose skills do not fit the job. Before advancing an employee, ask the following questions:

  • What are the roles they need to fulfil on a daily basis?
  • What performance do you expect from them?
  • What support and salary do they expect from you?

A Logical Approach

Start by determining what you need for the open position. When you establish minimum expectations, consider if the existing employee suits the job. If not, follow a logical recruitment process; advertise the position both internally and externally, follow the hiring process and make the decision according to a person’s skills.

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Hiring the right employees can drive your business forward. An internal promotion may seem like a favourable option that saves you from a lengthy and probably costly process. But it doesn’t always work for most open positions. Consider first the needs of the job and your current business goals, and then get on with the crucial task of finding a suitable candidate.

  • Posted on October 6, 2017