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Introducing the Job Seekers of the 21st Century

job seekers sitting on chairsThe 21st-century job seeker is more aggressive than ever before when it comes to their career. They don’t wait in line for an employer to choose them. Instead, they choose themselves by taking action. They won’t look for jobs that would just get them by.

They want careers. Something long-term. That’s why they turn to specific services for job placement. For example, they would hire the services of engineering recruitment specialists if that was their field, to be sure that they’ll only be spending their precious time with the right companies.

Here’s a deeper look into the behaviour and attitudes of the 21st-century job seeker.

1. They don’t believe in the balance of work and life.

They think this is rubbish. Instead, they find ways to make work fit into their lives. They acknowledge their feelings of wanting to make an impact in the world with what they can do, and they look for work where they can do exactly that.

Their work, not “job,” will be part of their life, so there really wouldn’t be anything to balance out.

2. Sharing their voice is important to them.

They want to be part of a company that collaborates instead of competes. They long for dialogues in every situation because they want people to hear them. The 21st-century job hunter doesn’t have to prepare for interviews.

They are a generation of doers and makers — they add to their skills on their own, making it easier to stock up on knowledge and speak their minds about it.

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3. They work based on impact and not numbers.

Because they want to make a difference, they are more focused on the quality of their work than how much work they can do. They are advocates of shorter, more meaningful work rather than work that’s done quickly yet not done well.

The labour force is changing rapidly these days, and the job seekers have easily adapted to it. Everyone else should too.

  • Posted on January 18, 2018