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Is LED Lighting the Best Type of Illumination for Any Commercial Setting?

led lampsEveryone says LED bulbs last longer. This is true – LED bulbs can last 20 times longer than your standard light bulb, making them ideal for commercial lighting installations. LED bulbs have no filaments that become thinner with time.

Is better endurance the only reason many commercial establishments are making the switch? Learn why LED lighting is currently the best option for commercial property owners, managers, and contractors.

Flexibility in design

In any lighting set-up, efficiency is of utmost importance. But the function is not the only aspect for owners to think about carefully. The design is equally significant, and in this respect, LED lights offer amazing design flexibility. It’s no wonder more businesses in Tampa, Florida and other cities in the US are choosing commercial lighting solutions.

Commercial light fixtures come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as lighting dynamics. Design flexibility is one of the top reasons LED lighting is used in a long list of applications and venues. In addition, the color options are almost endless.

No maintenance blues

The magnetic ballasts of LED set-ups need periodic attention, but the electronic drivers can function for long periods without the need for replacement. These drivers can endure tough outdoor environments. As such, entrepreneurs won’t have to spend much on manpower and other resources just to make sure their commercial light fixtures are working efficiently at all times.

A word on energy efficiency

LED bulbs are considered the most environmentally friendly lighting options today. In fact, the energy use of LED light is as much as 90 percent less than conventional options. The energy savings are considerable, especially since the bulb gives off less waste heat while converting as much as 80% of electricity into light energy.

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LED lighting is highly recommended by experts because the bulbs are now more affordable. The cost is still higher than that of the conventional type, but if you think about the advantages, the initial cost is worth every dollar. Switch to LED lighting now and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

  • Posted on April 17, 2017