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Just How Big an Impact Lighting Has on the Workplace

An OfficeOf the many components of a workplace, one of the most commonly overlooked is the lighting system. Many aren’t aware that the type, color, and intensity of light in a work environment can all have a major impact on individuals’ productivity. In other words, the lights in the office can either work for the greater good, or cause major problems in the performance, behavior, and health of people.

For this reason, employers should take a closer look at just how properly-illuminated the workplace they subject their employees to is. Consider working with a professional Florida commercial lighting company like AMPRO as soon as possible, to make the correct adjustments and upgrades.

Where bright lights come into play

Whether it’s an enclosed office or a general working area, it’s best that you have energy-efficient bright lights put in. Correctly-measured light intensity doesn’t just help boost productivity; it also aids in raising energy levels, helping reduce sleepiness, tiredness, and fatigue. In addition, it minimizes safety hazards, such as bumping into other people or objects.

Dim lighting in the office

Dim lights don’t have a place in the general working areas of an office. Yes, they work perfectly in some situations, such as for bedrooms or movie rooms at home, but in a zone where people are hard at work, they won’t do any good.

Too much and too little light

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that you should blast extremely bright lights in the conference room. Too intense light can add positive or negative emotional weight to conversations, something that you want to avoid in a space where critical meetings occur.

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Again, a commercial lighting specialist can help you determine just how bright (or dim) the lighting you should have in such rooms. Consulting with these professionals will make it easier for you to have proper illumination in every area of the workplace.

  • Posted on September 22, 2017