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Landscape Architects: Reinventing Cities

Landscape ArchitectsThere are so many things to love about living in the Big Apple – musicals on Broadway, iconic skylines, towering skyscrapers, diverse cultures. The whole experience is just overwhelming. But, if there’s one thing that you can notice about New York at first glance, it’s the design of the landscape. While it’s an urban jungle through and through, there are places where you can enjoy natural landscapes mixed with modern designs. For these, you can thank landscape architects.

Landscape Architecture: A Continuously Evolving Profession

Do you know any landscape architects in New York? If you do, then you do realize how broad their profession is. With the complexities that come with their job title, you can tell that they’re definitely important to cities. If you’re wondering about what they do, they integrate spatial functions and the environment, designing them to exude both aesthetics and function.

They prioritize developing sustainable practices that would be in favor of helping the environment, as well as taking the preservation of the environment into account. Their landscaping skills allow them to highlight the pleasant, valuable elements, making it easier for people to notice and approach them – at the same time, hiding features that would ruin the view, such as deteriorating facades and old warehouses, to name a few.

Why New York?

As aforementioned, the Big Apple is an urban jungle; however, the possibilities are endless and clients are usually up to try anything. While the urban setting may throw you off because of its polarizing features, some people consider the river setting a big plus. Over the years, the city has gone beyond simple parks and greenways. Take High Line Park, for example, as it gives you a view of lush greenery and a vast bird’s eye view of what Manhattan has to offer.
If you find yourself in New York on a business trip or a vacation with your family, take some time to step out of your accommodation and revel in the landscape around you.

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  • Posted on February 6, 2017