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Layout and Decorate Classrooms to Boost Student Learning

ClassroomThe teacher and the students themselves play large roles in education, yet classroom layout and design have a significant function as well. Research shows that studying under natural light (not direct sunlight) can boost student outcomes. Having individualised furniture and a flexible layout can also facilitate learning.

As you order supplies from educational furniture suppliers, you can keep in mind that your school’s classroom layout and design must be conducive for learning:

Flexible Environments

For the layout of any classrooms, you can adopt a flexible system that can accommodate any educational goals. One U.S. environmental psychologist suggested that classroom layouts complement the activities being performed. Traditional rows and columns, for example, work well with lecture-style teaching, while group work needs cluster tables.

Semicircle Seating

To boost student participation, you can arrange seating in a semicircle instead of the usual rows and columns. Old research showed that a semicircle seating arrangement encouraged students to ask and engage their teacher more. Of course, other factors still need to be considered to boost participation.

Moderate Decoration

When it comes to decorations, research indicates that little to no colour or display items can lead to negative or low learning outcomes. Too much decoration, on the other hand, can become a distraction for primary students. Displays of students’ work, however, receive the most interaction and notice.

Think Like a Student

To improve classroom layout and decoration, think like a student. What do you like or not like if you were a student learning in your school’s classrooms? Some students face difficulties in seeing the whiteboard or blackboard. Light and temperature can vary from one part of the classroom to another. Screen glare can hurt students’ eyes. Think like a student to anticipate what will be good for them.

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Paying mind to classroom layout and decoration can immensely help student learning in one aspect. When you consider the latter along with other learning factors, you can improve student learning entirely.

  • Posted on October 31, 2017