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Learn from the Masters: The Traits that Make a Family Hotel Successful

family checking in a hotelSome family-friendly characteristics, amenities and programs are mentioned often in TripAdvisor reviews, both when they lack and when they are available. This is where you mainly base what your potential guests look for and what they expect you to offer. Aside from providing free amenities, like a mini fridge in your hotel, find out the personality traits that lead to the success of a hotel.

Play Spaces and Activities

Parents going on a vacation with their kids seek for a way to keep their children occupied other than TV time. This means offering activities that engage these kids mentally and physically. These range from “drop off” clubs or camps for precise age groups, structured, supervised days and magic shows. Campfire sing-alongs, and arts and crafts sessions for children of every age are also ideal. Moreover, lawn space and playgrounds are also appreciated by families with active children.

Homey Features

Families adore, recommend and return to hotels that reminds them of home, with the conveniences and space it offers. They greatly regard large suites that have a room for kids to play in. Amenities, including dryers, microwaves, refrigerators and washers also make their stay easier and more economical.

Value-Added Extras

Families always see the value in extras that improve their trip, which is why exclusive deals are ideal for them. If your room prices are similar to other hotels in the location, but it includes entry to the local water park, they see this as value. You can even think about adding other extras, such as hot breakfast, late checkout, early check-in and free parking, which are universal offerings.

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By knowing the traits that make these hotels stand out, you will learn the secret ways to be on the same page as these successful family hotels. Who knows, maybe you will even compete with them in time.

  • Posted on December 18, 2017