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Living In Burnside Allows Enjoyment of What Melbourne Offers

Melbourne at nightMelbourne is one of the leading financial centres of Australia, as well as a haven for food and culture. Living in the suburbs of Melbourne allows a person and his family to enjoy the amenities of the city at the same time live in the country. Or at least, as close to country living without the city pollution.

When thinking of living in a Melbourne suburb, there are houses for sale in Burnside which provides the total experience of suburban living. The real draw, of course, is being near Melbourne, which is just a short drive away.

Events and Places

One of the best things about Melbourne is the food scene. Not only are world-class restaurants located in Melbourne, but there are also festivals and outdoor markets which are worth a visit. These are not necessarily upscale; some are even street food fests.

The Winter Night Market at the Queen Victoria Market opposite Nomads Melbourne is a certified tourist attraction. Visitors from out of town drop in to have a taste of the street food on offer at the Night Market. Featuring food from different countries, the Night Market is a big draw. Among the attractions are live music, international food stalls, food trucks, and performances. There are also stalls vending various items like clothing, jewellery and souvenirs.

Melbourne Film Festival

The Melbourne Film Festival is an annual affair and very popular with the locals. It usually runs in August and movies are shown in various places in the city. Participating movies come from all around the world. The film festival is famous around the world, and it keeps getting bigger every year.

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The first Film Festival was in 1952, and it has been running continuously since then. It’s among the oldest international film festivals, along with those in Cannes and Berlin. It not only showcases Australian movies but also presents a curated collection of movies. Living near Melbourne gets you perks due to its cultural calendar.

Melbourne is noted as a financial and business centre, as well as a foodie city, and a cultural centre. Living in a suburb like Burnside has distinct advantages due to its proximity to Melbourne CBD.

  • Posted on August 2, 2018