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Make Product Distributors Happy

Entrepreneurs smilingYour business relies on the connections you make. You have distributors who put up your products for sale in areas where you don’t have your shop. Resellers also help put your product out there, especially if they have a good reputation.

It would hurt the business if authorized resellers suddenly stopped carrying your products. To keep that from happening, do the following:

Keep Prices Fair

Anyone can be a reseller, which means they have to compete with other resellers for customers in the same area. One store might be tempted to sell below your minimum advertised pricing, and this will hurt those who are complying with your pricing policy. They might be discouraged if they’re not selling. To address this, use a price tracking tool to see who is complying and who isn’t, and sanction the offenders accordingly.

Give Them Access to Limited Items

When a distributor is authorized, it means you trust them more than unauthorized distributors. Show them that that trust counts for something by giving them access to items that will not be available for everyone. This boosts their sales, and you’re showing them that the partnership is important for you. It’s a win for both sides, and it doesn’t cost you anything to implement it.

Update Them on Upcoming Releases

Just like advertising builds hype about your brand, you can also build hype to encourage distributors to leave space on their shelves for your products. Consequently, they will be the ones hyping up customers in their area, so that by the time your new items are released, it will have garnered enough attention and will fly off the shelves as quickly as possible. Posting on your social media accounts about these products and listing the places where they will be available can already go a long way.

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Distributors play a huge part in improving your profits. Take care of them, so they help your products sell.

  • Posted on March 1, 2018