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Marketing for Retail: Simple Dos and Don’ts

Marketing Strategy in AucklandRetail is an exciting industry. Marketers never run out of ideas whenever they are faced with the challenges of working for retail stores. But even if you don’t hire a professional to help you market your store, you can still come up with creative ways to make customers take notice and stop by. Remember, when it comes to attracting customers, appearance is all that matters.

Here are some important pieces of advice to help you out.

Be creative with signage

Don’t be lazy in coming up with a signage design that will separate you from the rest of the stores around you. Hire screen print services from companies like Signs n Stuff that offer quality and reasonable fees. Before making the sign, however, be sure to check with local regulations regarding style and size of signs on the street.

Don’t hire a sign carrier

If you need a person to carry a sign or an arrow with your store’s name printed on it, you already appear desperate. People passing by are not likely to visit your store; they’re more concerned about how much you could possibly be paying that person to stand in the street like that.

Don’t blast music

Some store owners feel they should use a loud sound system to attract customers. Seriously, that also screams desperate, especially if it’s not even an event and you also have those industrial fan-blown sky dancers. The sound from your speakers is disturbing other businesses and people have to cover their ears when they pass by your place. It’s annoying and people can call the police on you.

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Use pennants

Pennants, or those little flags hanging from a string, are colourful and attractive. They give your place a happy appearance. But don’t hang the same flags for too long. They won’t look nice when they’re ripped and faded. Replace them with new colours or designs before they look old.

The marketing game is something you can play yourself. It only takes creativity and an understanding of your market.

  • Posted on December 12, 2016