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Main Street Mason City

Mason City Gun Shop Moving to Federal Avenue This Fall

Gun ShopIn fall 2016, Hart Bros. South will move from its current store location on 19th Street to 613 S. Federal Avenue. The gun shop has been catering to Mason City gun owners since 2010, and owner Kemlin Hart believes the move will provide more room for the business to grow.

What is Hart Bros. South?

Hart Bros. South is a gun shop with a large inventory of new and used guns, ammunition, and accessories. Mason City gun owners and gun enthusiasts will find handguns, rifles, and shotguns of different kinds in the shop.

Renowned brand names such as Bushmaster, Browning, FN, Kahr, KelTac, Remington, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Taurus are available at the gun shop.

Hart, however, believes that there is another reason for customers to frequent the business apart from the selection of guns and ammunition. The 33-year-old owner believes that longtime customers keep returning because of their homegrown expertise.

How does Kemlin Hart run the gun shop?

Since he was a child, Hart has been going to gun shows. As a matter of fact, his father Milan Hart founded Hart Brothers Weaponry in Albert Lea, Minnesota back in 1977.

When Hart put up his own store, it was apparent that the backbone of sales came from handguns and AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. This is because, he says, coyote hunters patronize the shop.

Hart and his customers foster a tight-knit, supportive culture in the gun shop. “You could go out to the trap ranges and say, ‘Hey fellas, I’ve never shot a shotgun before, I’ve never pointed a gun at a clay bird. You guys show me how to do it.’ […] It’s a really great group of people,” shares the owner.

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And of course, he emphasized that his gun shop is as proactive as possible and follows both state and federal regulations for firearm purchases. “Even if you take the moral aspect out of it, there’s still a gigantic liability and paperwork side of it. Then you put the moral aspect back into it and it’s a really big deal,” he says. Occasionally, the business refuses sales to avoid gun-related crime.

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando and in San Bernardino, however, there has not been an increase in sales at the shop.

The planned move from 19th Street to 613 S. Federal Avenue this fall will put the gun shop in a location with a better layout. The owner says this new layout enables the business to expand.

  • Posted on July 19, 2016