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Mason City’s Finance Department Receives Honor for the 28th Consecutive Year

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For the 28th consecutive year, Mason City’s Finance Department has received a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association. Finance Director Kevin Jacobson gave his staff the credit they deserve for their productivity, which resulted in the recognition.

What is the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting?

In 1945, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) established the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) Program. Its  goal is to make sure that the participating state and local government who use their financial statements do so with the proper information they need.

Moreover, the CAFR Program encourages and assists state and local governments in exceeding the minimum requirements for comprehensive annual financial reports. The reports aim to promote transparency and full disclosure of individual governments.

After the submission of the reports to the CAFR program, elected members of the GFOA’s professional staff and Special Review Committee take the time to review them. If they deem the financial report worthy, the GFOA then recognizes the individual government where it came from.

Every year, Mason City’s Finance Department submits their report for review to the CAFR program.

What does Mason City’s Finance Department do?

The Finance Department staff is in charge of the administration of Mason City’s finances, Information Technology Coordinator, and Geographic Information Analyst. They are also responsible for the maintenance of Mason City’s financial records (e.g. monthly records of receipts, expenditure, account receivable billings, and payments to vendors). In addition, the Finance Department performs bi-weekly payroll for all 293 full-time and part-time employees of Mason City.

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The Finance Department staff’s work has brought about twenty two Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting and four Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards.

Who runs Mason City’s Finance Department?

According to Mason City’s Finance Director Kevin Jacobson, the staff is responsible for and deserves much of the credit for their Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association.

This is Mason City’s Finance Department staff directory:

Director of Finance: Kevin Jacobson

Contact Details: (641) 421-3613 and kjacobson@masoncity.net

Assistant Finance Director: Jeannett Wasicek

Contact Details: (641) 421-3615 and jwasicek@masoncity.net

Payroll Accounting Clerk: Krystal Garl

Contact Details: (641) 421-3614 and kgarl@masoncity.net

Data Processing Clerk: Hannah Sinnwell

Contact Details: Phone (641) 424-7109; Fax (641) 423-5369; and hsinnwell@masoncity.net

Grant Administrator: Beth Enright

Contact Details: Phone (641) 424-7154; Fax (641) 423-5369; and benright@masoncity.net

Since the occupancy of Chuck Hammen as Mason City’s Finance Director, the city’s Finance Department  has been receiving the recognition from the association. When his successor Kevin Jacobson assumed the position, Hammen then served as the City Administrator. The Finance Department has been a recipient of the recognition for the past twenty eight years.

  • Posted on July 19, 2016