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Need a Letterhead for Your Business? Pick the Appropriate one of These 4

Guy signing a letterToday, stationery has become ubiquitous, but just a few thousand years ago, its use was limited only to the high and mighty in society. Boasting the much-acclaimed title, ‘the cradle of human civilisation’, Egypt blazed the trail in the use of stationery in the form of skin parchments. However, these skin parchments did not last too long, unlike the next iteration of stationery which was made from papyrus plants. It is also believed that ‘paper’ as the world has come to know it was derived from the word, papyrus. This proved to be long-lasting, remaining in use for as much as 200 years.

Regardless of societal background or profession, stationery is now in use by companies, as well as by individuals. For companies, a key aspect of the design is the letterhead, as this encapsulates the brand’s identity.

Here are four major kinds of letterheads to consider when contracting the services of professional stationery printers:

Standard Letterhead

This is one of the most commonplace letterheads and it is typically used for the address of a broad audience. Its fundamental features include a logo as well as the enterprise or individual’s name and address.

Custom Letterhead

This is a more specialised letterhead. Its use is typically limited to a single entity such as a department within an organisation or even a single individual. When used within organizations, paperwork such memos from specific offices feature such letterheads. Features include the company name, logo, address, sender’s name and business contact.

Specialised Letterhead

This letterhead is used by specific offices within an organisation. Thus, it may bear that department’s name in addition to other features already mentioned under the standard letterhead.

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Executive Letterhead

This is usually used by a specific individual, typically occupying a high rank within an organisation such as the managing director, president and similar offices. While sporting the usual features, this kind of letterhead may be distinguished by using higher quality paper.

Given its widespread use throughout various industries, letterheads are a staple within any corporate environment and a reliable printer would know how to provide the best designs and quality for its clients.

  • Posted on March 15, 2018