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No Better Time for Local Business than Now: How Online Presence Helps

Online Marketing in PerthThese are happy and exciting times for local businesses as far as online presence and marketing are concerned. Read on and find out why.

Google recognises local search even better

Say you have a local business called Jerry’s Steak Restaurant located on 1st Street. A customer walking near 1st street uses their smartphone to search for a place to eat lunch. They want steak. Google’s algorithm update, known in the SEO community as Possum, will make sure that your restaurant gets a better chance of appearing on the customer’s search. Pre-Possum, it was hard for local businesses to do this within their own city.

Listings matter more than ever

Your online listings will help build your authority even more now. Google recognises all those listings to belong to one business. As a matter of fact, it recognises that several businesses belong to one person. So if you have a chain of steak restaurants, they all benefit from all the listings that your company has online.

Testimonials matter too

Here’s a development that validates what many Internet marketers have encouraged for years: to allow and even encourage your customers to review your products and services through your website, listings and other channels, such as social media. The more people post reviews, the more authority you gain and the more trust Google puts in you. Your rankings will benefit.

You can make it easier for customers

An expert from Viper Online Marketing says app development in Perth is nothing new, but now, with the help of experience and data analytics, developers know more and can make better apps than before. There are better tools too. Have an app built that you can make available free via the App Store and Google Play. Customers don’t have to launch a browser to make a reservation, check your menu, etc. You can even give digital coupons to loyal customers via the app.

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These are surely better times for doing business, if only because it’s a lot easier to reach out to customers. Do your online homework, and watch as your business gets more traffic than you ever imagined.

  • Posted on November 14, 2016