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Old Meets New: Modernising Your Classic Queenslander

Queenslander PropertyGiving a classic Queenslander a modern makeover is an exciting project and a worthwhile investment. Usually, Queenslanders stand the test of time, but if yours is a bit run-down, don’t give it up just yet. You can bring it back up to date and still keep its old-world charm.

A Style Worth Keeping

The Queenslander is a style rooted in Victorian architecture but designed to adapt specifically to the state’s sub-tropical climate. Rapid Loans affirms that the iconic Queenslander is one of the most valuable and sought-after properties in the region.

Its high-set configuration, with two-storey weatherboards held high on stumps, protects the living area from flooding, stifling heat and a host of creepy crawlies – principal concerns of locals. There is no other structure that’s specifically-designed to battle these woes but the Queenslander.

Modernising the Exterior

When you’re thinking of updating the exterior, you may want to keep the covered veranda as it is the most iconic feature of a classic Queenslander. Beyond aesthetics, the veranda helps in tempering the year-round warm weather, so be wise when renovating this area.

Give it a modern finish with fresh white paint, plantation shutters or contemporary outdoor furniture to keep the space functional and stylish at the same time. Update your windows with glass shutters against timber accents to create a balance between old and new.

Keep your exterior palette light so it reflects light instead of absorbing it. You can also add a modern touch to your exteriors by updating the landscaping or adding contemporary outdoor living/dining furnishings and accent lighting.

Overhauling the Interiors

With the interiors, you can have it your way and modernise it as much as you want without compromising the cross-ventilation benefits of the Queenslander arrangement. You can achieve this by keeping the windows wide and open and the ceilings high.

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Take advantage of the flow of northern light to keep the whole house naturally airy and well-ventilated. Contemporary homes prioritise energy efficiency. Rearrange sections so that functional rooms or lounging or resting areas receive the most sunlight and air to minimise the need for electricity.

Experiment with paint, flooring and furnishings when updating the interiors. Go for neutral colours for paint, fabric and upholstery atop dark wooden frames and flooring to add balance. When accessorising, make the most of the high ceilings by installing pendant lighting and ceiling fans. Make your accents dark and bold to add weight and drama against engulfing sunlight.

Many people across the globe pine for the abundant sunshine and warm breezes in Queensland. The iconic Queenslander was developed to make the elements allies instead of enemies. While it makes a statement on its own, giving it a modern makeover will spice up your home life and keep it interesting for many years to come.

  • Posted on September 26, 2016