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Outdoor Lighting for Your Home: Picking Out Your Lights

Well-lit house exterior at nightThe right outdoor lighting does not just make your home bright and welcoming; it can also make it safer. It is a good idea to know and understand which outdoor lights work best for your landscape and home exteriors.

To choose the right fixtures will not only add beauty to your property but also provide safety and security.

Choose the right style

Consider your home’s architecture when picking outdoor lights. It is best to choose a style that complements the façade of your house, as well as your door’s hardware. You may want to mix and match different colors to create a warm effect and avoid too much brightness. Fixtures come in a variety of types and materials, so you are sure to find something that suits your abode.

Consider safety and security

While outdoor lighting can add beauty and interest to the property, electricians here in Fort Worth, TX note that you shouldn’t forget about safety and security. This is because you will have to illuminate not just the front entrance, but also the stairs, pathways, and dark corners (if you have any). A reliable electrical contractor can help you design the right lighting plan that suits your style, budget, and available space.

Decide on the type of light

There are different types of light sources such as incandescent, CFLs, and LEDs. The latter are a great choice, as they have a long lifespan and are energy-efficient. LEDs also offer one the best lighting solutions for some outdoor lighting applications. They may not be as affordable as others, but they are worth the investment.

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Consider your home’s climate

You can treat outdoor lights with special coatings to withstand different weather elements. If you, for instance, want to have a post light or outdoor wall light, you need wet rated fixtures that can be exposed to rain and snow. There are also lights that are damp area rated, ideal for fixtures under a shed or covered spaces.

Outdoors lights don’t need to be boring or monotonous. Use the right fixtures to add beauty and security to your exteriors. Consult a reliable electrician to help you with planning, wiring, and installations.

  • Posted on March 20, 2018