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Outlets in Your Home: Do They Need an Upgrade?

Electrical outletYou may not realize it, but old and aging outlets can put your home and family at risk. They are more than just a cosmetic problem, so it’s best to know about the dangers they pose, as well as when you should upgrade or replace them. It’s also important to note that the technology is changing and your wiring and outlets need to keep up with whatever your demand is.

Electricians in Arlington, TX share some signs that your outlets might need an upgrade:

You’re always looking for a three-prong outlet

Two-prong, ungrounded outlets are more than just an inconvenience; they also pose serious risks. It’s best to have these outlets upgraded for your family’s safety. There may be online guides how to replace two-prong receptacles on your own, but it’s much better to call an expert to avoid shocks and other electrical problems.

You have no GFCI outlets in the bathroom (or other wet areas)

FCIs cut off the flow of electricity when they detect that the current is flowing in an unintended path, like a person or water. They are a required installation in areas where water is present. If you don’t have GFCI outlets, you are putting your family at risk. Be sure to have your outlets upgraded to avoid shocks in bathrooms, laundries, kitchen, and other wet areas.

You live in a very old home

Using a large number of new electric devices can overwhelm the electrical system of an old home. If your lights flicker frequently or your breakers trip constantly, you may need to upgrade the service panels. This is to avoid shocks, fires, overheating, and other issues. It’s best to call an electrician that trying to figure out how to do this.

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When it comes to the electrical system, your home should always be updated. It’s best to have your outlets changed to ensure your and your family’s safety. Contact a reliable electric company today to make the necessary updates and repairs.

  • Posted on March 22, 2018