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Personal Hygiene Habits at Work

Person washing handsThe presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other such disease-causing agents are quite prevalent in the workplace. Whether it’s an office setting or a busy marketplace, different people come into contact with different substances all the time.

Most of these substances are completely harmless, while some are deadly. Here are a few habits you should uphold to stay clean and disease free.


Most office buildings seek the services of a reputable cleaning company in Provo to keep their environment clean. It is, however, wise to always have with you a bottle of sanitizer.

For when you can’t wash your hands with soap and water, alcohol-based sanitizers rid your hands of germs. Choose odorless sanitizers over fragranced ones, owing to their increased effectiveness.


Showering is important, and bathing at least once a day or after exercise does well to keep you clean and smelling fresh. Bathing washes off all dirt you might have picked up during the day. It keeps your skin healthy and ever rejuvenated. Be sure to clean your towel every few days and don’t share it.

Trim and shave

Trimming your nails and shaving areas, such as the armpits should be done regularly. Viruses and bacteria flourish in warm moist parts.

On the other hand, long nails are unhealthy and become a good hiding place for germs before you transfer them on to someone else when shaking their hand. Trim and shave while taking a shower because this is when you can do it with ease and disinfect after that.

We are all responsible for our hygiene. Staying clean does not only keep us from spreading germs, but it prevents others from getting sick as well. Practice these habits as often as possible, and you will notice that you get sick less often.

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  • Posted on February 7, 2018