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Playing it Safe: Managing Physical Security

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There are many ways that your personal security can be threatened. Most times, it is easy to assume that, once you’re in your home or workplace, you are safe from harm.

Safety at Home versus Safety at Work

One might typically assume that your workplace is, in many ways, more secure than your home. Most business owners allot budgets for security measures like security cameras and alarms, motion-detecting lights, timed locks, and heavy-duty roller doors from All Steel Security. Especially in cities like Auckland that are very safe, such measures remain the norm. After all, complacency can provide the cracks through which your safety is threatened.

It is recommended that you secure your home in the same way. You don’t need to splurge on anything too high-end. Sturdy deadbolts and security alarms will suffice, especially if the alarm instantly alerts the police or any nearby authority of the threat.

It’s Not Always You

Most times, the target isn’t you, but what’s around you.

At home, becoming a target potential means showing signs of owning items like high-end electronics. Televisions and sound systems can be visible from outdoors. What you throw in the trash may also give an idea what can be found inside. Credit card statements detailing jewellery purchases, for example, give the idea that you could be hiding a treasure trove somewhere in your home.

At work, targets may be physical items like store inventory or intellectual property. If you are the business owner, create a standard safety procedure for your employees to follow. This includes instructions on securing all possible access points with locks or key cards, training in data encryption (particularly if you deal with sensitive data), and physically securing data storage equipment. While such measures may tell visitors and outsiders that you do have highly valuable items in your workplace, it also shows them that you have taken the necessary measures to keep these safe.

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Know What to Do

The key to maintaining security is to know what you need. Consult experts and have your home or workplace checked. Be sure to specify your personal preferences and requirements so they can give you the best available solutions.


  • Posted on March 14, 2017