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Popularity Of Flexible Offices In AU Opens New Ways For Business

Co-working office spaceThose who are planning to cash in on the popularity of co-working spaces in Australia should know that flexible offices have become more than just a fad in the country.

For instance, buying a virtual office franchise could be an excellent option to capitalise on the growing demand for shared workplaces especially among start-up companies. Even established firms have integrated this office set-up, although it is more noticeable in some industries and niches than other sectors.

Redefining The Landscape

Co-working spaces paved the way for professionals from the same industry or niche to connect and exchange ideas. It could be freelancers and regularly employed IT workers, or businesses that are solely managed by women.

Since start-up costs have limited resources, it makes senses that they would want a cheaper office space yet have the same quality of work environment. Commercial rental rates in Australia vary by region, but the price is generally higher in urban areas than in regional districts.

Rising Rentals

Prime office rents in Sydney cost NZ$1,037 per square metre on average, which is the fifth most expensive in the world based on the Colliers International’s analysis. This steep price alone compels many start-up companies to find alternative places and strategies for setting up their own office.

The least affordable place to rent a prime office would be in Hong Kong, where average rates cost NZ$3,314, according to the analysis. You could say that shared office spaces are more of a necessity in the city compared to Sydney.


The cost of commercial real estate rents in Australia have led many businesses to downsize on their physical office space, and this includes flexible offices and remote staff. If you plan to monetise this trend, it’s better to choose a franchise model for a higher chance of success.

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  • Posted on November 7, 2018