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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans: Why They Matter

Man carrying the casketEveryone plans for joyous events. Rarely will people think to make arrangements for sombre periods. Funeral planning, however, is a key decision to make because it allows you to put your affairs in order while giving your next of kin peace of mind.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, a provider of funeral plans, share that a plan now could remove the emotional burden and financial worries of your loved ones at a time when they are unable to cope.

Here are some of the reasons to consider this decision:

You can take control

The selection process for funeral arrangements can be stressful, particularly so when your loved ones are unaware of what you want. With funeral plans, you’re able to tell your next of kin your preferred service and whether you choose direct cremation.

You take control of your send-off, and even have an opportunity to customise it, adding elements that would celebrate your life.

You help loved ones cope

The combination of rising costs and grief is difficult for anyone. Funeral plans can lessen the emotional distress of your loved ones in dealing with the loss. A pre-paid plan relieves your family of the financial burden, allowing them to focus on bereavement.

You reduce funeral costs

A typical funeral now, with a funeral director, costs £4,078. The amount will vary according to your arrangements and location. In areas with a high cost of living, like London, the price could double. You can manage the costs and still have a meaningful service without spending that much. You can get quotes from several places. You can also dedicate a savings account for this purpose.

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The best option, however, is to pre-pay for a funeral plan. With it, you secure a funeral arrangement at today’s prices.

It may be unsettling to think about a funeral, but making this key decision now will save your family from the distress of losing you. It’s a conversation worth having because it gives you peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be respected and that your loved ones can move on.

  • Posted on April 4, 2018