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Protecting Family Traditions Through the Years

a family dinnerTimes are changing. Children are growing up. Parental roles are switching. Even your household income may be fluctuating as living costs continue increasing. With all these unpredictable changes, you may think it’s inevitable for family traditions to die.

That doesn’t have to happen if you do the following:

Make Time for the Family

No one is too busy that they can’t set aside an hour to go to that Mexican restaurant in Alexandria that your family loves. It’s not just the food or the restaurant that is keeping this tradition alive; it’s you remembering your family and realizing that sitting down together for a meal is as important as any investor meetings you may be looking forward to.

Even if you miss the family dinner one time, make it up to them next week, as long as it doesn’t result in a string of you canceling and promising to do better but not following through.

Adapt to the Times

So what if your favorite cinema closed down? That park you used to take the kids may not be family friendly anymore. There’s always a new cinema in Alexandria where you can start new traditions, so don’t anchor yourself to dead or old locations. Remember, it’s a family tradition–it’s all about finding a place where the family can have fun together.

Live for the Living

Over the years, some members of the family might have already said goodbye. It seems hard seeing the family when the parent who always insisted on having family time has already passed away. However, this is not an excuse to estrange yourself from your siblings. If anything, it’s a way to honor the dead by keeping alive the tradition they started. But most importantly, they will be happy to see you starting new traditions with the remaining living members.

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Traditions don’t happen overnight. Through the years, you’ve made memories thanks to these traditions. It would be a shame just to forget them.

  • Posted on March 1, 2018