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Raising a Request: 5 Reasons You Need to Voice Out Your Needs

business communicationOne mark of adulthood is being able to voice your opinions or needs to others. This is an important life skill because there will be situations in which you might find it hard to speak, such as requesting things you need.

Always remember that you won't be spoon-fed with everything, which means you'll have to get some things through asserting yourself and acting on things you need. Here are some examples.

1. Requests for a Loan

According to Altius Mortgage Group, loans can help you complete certain projects, such as buying a house of your own. What you only need to do is seek help from a mortgage group, for instance, that will check if you're eligible or reliable to be granted a loan.

2. Requests for Leaves

Employees might find it intimidating to request for paid holiday leaves, but this is important for times that they feel too sick to go to work. Other situations that might need someone to skip work are pregnancy, bereavement or accidents.

3. Requests for a Promotion

Another work-related request would be promotions. Requesting that you get promoted is not necessarily a brash move. It could show employers that you have initiative and that you believe you have contributed enough to deserve a raise.

4. Requests for a Receipt

Some restaurants or retail shops don't bother giving out receipts to their customers. While this isn't usually a big deal for some, having receipts helps you keep track of your expenses.

Businesses are normally required by law to provide receipts, so don't hesitate to request for these when you're buying something.

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5. Requests to Speak to a Manager

A concern also relating to customers would be speaking to a manager of a shop or a diner. This is usually necessary if an employee is being rude, inattentive, or unable to solve your needs.

It's necessary for people to make themselves heard by expressing their needs to others. One can do this through requests, be it for loans, receipts or promotions. Most requests are normally granted, as long as there's a valid reason behind it.

  • Posted on June 30, 2018