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Reasons Branding is a Winning Approach in the Digital Age

Branding You may have already used the term ‘why don’t you Google it?’ when someone asks you about anything. This is just one example of how powerful branding is, the best ones are synonymous to the industries they are in, people use their brand as a verb to do something. This is what your business has to aim for, create a larger than life name that everyone recalls in an instant.

A Differentiating Point

Experts at John Lipe and other marketing agencies in Seattle all agree that your brand will differentiate you from the glut of businesses offering almost the same things. Online advertising sometimes isn’t just how good your products are; what if no one or very few people know about them? A recognizable name will make it easier for you to move products and close sales. Your positioning becomes obvious when you create strong branding that elicits strong emotions and responses from your audience.

Value Building

A strong brand allows you to create a powerful and potentially influential value proposition. What separates the best brands from the rest is value. What can you offer that others can’t? It isn’t just about quality and materials used, it’s about perception as well. This is when branding comes in; you want customers to feel and experience that your products or services are better than the rest. Digital platforms allow you to reach a wider audience in a cost-effective manner. Social media and blogs make it easy to create value for your company.

Word of Mouth

When you have a good brand, customers recall you faster and will be the first one they mention when asked for a recommendation. Word of mouth advertising, whether it is online or offline, is still one of the most powerful tools of marketing. People still want to use products or services that people they know have already tried.

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A brand isn’t just a name, it’s everything you are as a company; it represents your business, your people and even your customers. Take time to nurture it, if you do so, it will enable you to reach your business goals.



  • Posted on January 30, 2017