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Reasons to Hire an Airport Transfer Service

ChauffeurThere are ways to make business trips more efficient. For starters, corporate travelers prefer the ease and convenience of hiring a car service to get them to and from hotels or the airport. Not only will you be able to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city, but you’ll also have more time on your hands to work or relax during the ride. Industry leader 5 Bucks Pick Up shares how you can benefit from a car service.

Efficiency and Reliability

One of the worst things that can happen to any business traveler is arriving late and missing the flight. Reliable car service providers will make sure that this doesn’t happen. Chauffeurs usually arrive at least 15 minutes early to guarantee a timely drop-off.

Most of them will even check the flight for a change in schedule or delays and adjust their pick-up time accordingly. For the serious corporate traveler, certain limousine services have a dedicated team that tracks traffic patterns and monitor road reports to provide you with the best route.

Time and Money Saving

There are more valuable things that you can do with your time than trying to navigate in an unfamiliar place or sitting in traffic. That’s why it’s better to have a chauffeur who already knows his way around the city. You’ll arrive much quicker to your destination because you won’t have to bother with routes and to find a parking space as your driver can drop you off right at the curb.


When using a transportation service, you’ll have ample opportunity to send emails, answer important phone calls, and even rehearse your presentation on your way to the office. Moreover, the cost of the transfer will likely be worth it considering how much you value your time.

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For the busy traveler, time is of the essence, and sometimes it makes the difference to closing out a deal. Weigh these factors and think about how these benefits can compensate for the costs.

  • Posted on November 27, 2017