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Reduce Your Energy Use and Cut Your Utility Costs

Big luxury, modern house at duskIt costs quite a hefty sum to own a home, especially if you haven’t paid for it in full. Your budget is mostly for the mortgage and the utility bills. What goes into the utility bills?

  • Almost half of your total utility bills is eaten up by heating and cooling
  • About 33% is used by appliances, cooking, and lights
  • Your water heater takes 14%
  • Your refrigerator alone is responsible for 9%

To save money you are throwing at the utility company, here are some suggestions.

Use a new refrigerator

A new refrigerator with the ENERGY STAR sticker uses less electricity, especially if it’s the inverter type. The most energy efficient models usually have one main door and an inner freezer door. Those with more doors eat up more electricity than you would be pleased with. Do not keep using the old fridge in the garage or basement; you’ll only increase the energy use at home.

Make sure your doors and windows aren’t leaking air

Drafts entering through door and window gaps make your home more difficult to heat, so your furnace works harder and uses more energy. With some caulk or sealant, you can take care of those little holes and gaps around your windows. Use a thick curtain as extra protection from air leaks. Make or buy some cushions for placing at the foot of the door if there is a gap.

Don’t leave your garage door open. If it’s broken, immediately call a company for garage door repair in Montgomery County, PA. Your furnace has to compensate for all that cold air coming into your garage.

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Use CFL or LED lighting

Designer lights are pretty to look at, but they may use more energy. Old light bulbs are also notorious energy wasters. Switch to LED or CFL bulbs, as they last longer and use very little energy. Don’t leave the lights open in a room when nobody is in there. Reduce the number of lights on outside your home at night; use just enough to deter intruders. Replace busted lights immediately.

Take more showers

It’s nice to stay in the tub after a hard day’s work, but use your bathtub sparingly. It uses plenty of heated water. Take more showers, and don’t leave the shower running while you’re shampooing or applying soap.

These may be simple suggestions, but they can go a long way in reducing your energy use and cutting your bills.

  • Posted on July 10, 2017