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Research Says Truck Drivers Won’t be Automated Anytime Soon

Picture of a Truck DriverHumans will still be necessary for filling job openings for truck drivers, despite the numerous advancements in self-driving car technology, according to CB Insights’ State of Automation report.

Aside from truck drivers, those working in the healthcare sector such as nurses and aides will continue to be safe from automation for now. The research company’s report noted that while the use of robots is on the rise, certain tasks for truck driving and healthcare remain too complex for robotic workers.

Safe Jobs

CB Insights analyst Deepashri Varadharajan said that even if trucking companies deploy automated technology for their fleet of trucks, they would still require people for operating it. As the technology is also in the initial stages, Centerline Drivers added that companies will need a professional driver staffing company or other recruiters to fill vacancies for them in the meantime.

Almost two million people work as truck drivers in the U.S. These jobs are likely to be safe for the next five to 10 years, partly because of regulations that require humans to be present onboard even with the use of driverless technology.

Better Hiring

While trucking jobs remain safe, how does your company screen applicants? A study of 5,000 candidates in more than 30 industries showed that managerial references are apparently not enough to gauge their competency.

In fact, a person’s co-workers are likely to provide better feedback on the applicant’s ability to work in a team or their overall demeanor at the workplace. Managers, on the other hand, tend to provide feedback based only on a candidate’s task-related attitude, including dependability, meeting deadlines, and the ability to work alone.

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Technology has allowed our lives to become easier. However, it has also put some jobs at risk of being transferred from humans to robots. The good news is that for now, human truck drivers and health care workers will continue to be in demand since the technology for automation remains in the development stages.

  • Posted on July 13, 2017