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Roadside Safety Gear: What You Need

Warning triangle on a roadRoad emergencies are situations that need the proper road equipment as well as safety gear. Many private vehicles, ambulances, and other emergency transport vehicles need the following gear to make sure that any roadside emergency can be resolved. Adsafe presents a list of the following gear you need to survive any roadside emergency.

Emergency lights

Whether it’s a headlamp or an emergency beacon, you need emergency lighting to warn other drivers of your situation. A headlamp could help you examine your engine, while LED emergency beacon lights could signal other drivers of your problem.

Scissor jacks

You need a scissor jack if your tire goes flat and you need a change. Some private car owners carry a jack, which helps them save space but cannot ensure easy use or capability. A scissor jack can lift any weight and stand on any ground.

First Aid Kit

You need a basic emergency first aid kit as part of your safety gear. It should have generous amounts of tape, gauze, antiseptic cream, betadine, and everything you need to treat cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Some first aid kits could treat four people and have OTC medicine too.

Jump Starter

If your car’s battery suddenly goes dead, you often have to wait for another driver to help you start your vehicle. A portable jump starter can start your car without the assistance of another driver or roadside assistance. It’s best to choose a portable jump starter that uses lithium-ion batteries and could last for a longer time. Aside from being able to charge a dead battery, you can use it to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, and other gadgets.

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Escape tool

Many roadside accidents could trap both passengers and drivers inside the car. An escape tool in your vehicle could help you get out of the car if you are trapped inside your vehicle.

Choose an escape tool that includes a sharp blade to cut through seat belts, and a steel plunger that could break a side window. Some escape tools are small enough to fit a key chain.

These are some basic safety devices you would need for a road side emergency, but make sure to check where you go and what you intend to do so you could add more to this list of basic safety devices.

  • Posted on September 15, 2017