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SEO in 2017: Its Strong Message You Shouldn’t Ignore

SEO MessageThe world of search engine optimisation evolves every single day, with it continuously undergoing so many changes, both bad and good. With the market welcoming even more businesses, you have to stay on top of your game, or you risk losing current clients and potential customers.

Knowing the biggest changes in the industry will help you trim your choices as you search for an SEO agency in Singapore.

The Strong and Clear Message of SEO for 2017

SEO has made it loud and clear for existing and soon-to-be site owners: To remain in the loop this 2017, one must prioritise mobile users when thinking of website design. Failure to do so means potentially losing half of your visitors.

The Numbers Say it All

For quite some time now, trends show that the number of people who favour mobile devices as their tool for conducting internet queries continues to rise. This makes the importance of owning a mobile-friendly site even more apparent. The percentage of mobile and tablet internet users worldwide exceeded that of desktop users in October 2016, at 51.3% over 48.7%.

Google’s Big Contribution

Search engine giant Google made this even more of a necessity with its upcoming Mobile-first Indexing. The tech giant first released news of this move in November 2016.

The change, according to the company, is in the hopes of making results ‘more useful’, especially now that more than half of the population use mobile devices. Basically, this indexing method will focus on the contents of a site’s mobile version when ranking pages. Not having a mobile site means a high risk of not showing up on the first page of the SERP. PurpleClick Media mentions that sites can even appear on the pages twice, with the combination of SEO and SEM. Companies that refuse to do even just one kind of online marketing will be left in the hidden pages.

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The Costs vs. the Good

Yes, developing and maintaining a website that works for both desktop users and mobile users will cost more. However, going the extra mile for consumers can ultimately lead to a greater conversion rate.

You can’t ignore the desktop-to-mobile visitor ratio, especially now that the latter has bested the former.

  • Posted on February 16, 2017