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Setting Your Hiring Criteria: Top Qualities a Great Receptionist Must Possess

Picture of two receptionists at workTourism jobs are on the rise these days, which is why skilled receptionists are in demand. The problem is the best candidates are usually off the market by the time you need to hire one. This is why it is important to determine the characteristics that you want in a receptionist before you start looking for candidates.

Asking London recruitment agencies for help is a good decision. By incorporating clear criteria, you can recognise qualified candidates and hire them quickly.

Effective Communication

Your ideal candidate must be good at communicating verbally with your clients. They should also have great customer service and listening skills. The best receptionist will be able to manage basic customer requests and issues cleverly, aside from connecting visitors and callers to the right people.


Keep in mind that your receptionist is the first person your potential staff, customers, and visitors meet, so they must make a good first impression. Hire someone that has a professional attitude and appearance. You can assess a candidate’s personality during the interview. If you are working with a recruitment agency, they can filter the candidates according to your criteria.

Organisational Capabilities

Organised individuals tend to develop effective procedures to ensure that they are on track, even if they find themselves in unexpected circumstances. Look for receptionists who display enthusiasm for organisation. They can locate phone numbers and files instantly whilst keeping a neat workspace.

To examine their organisational ability, ask them to share a filing system that they implemented in the past. If they do not have previous experience, ask them how they will arrange contacts and calendars.

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Technical Expertise

Your receptionist must be comfortable using printers, phone systems and copiers. They must have Word processing skills and be familiar with the industry-specific software, desktop publishing, social media and Excel.

Companies that use an efficient hiring procedure will have a better chance of getting highly skilled candidates. Ensure that you include the traits listed above to get the best person for the job.

  • Posted on October 19, 2017