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Should You Get a Pomsky as Your New Pet?

A Pomsky PuppyThe decision to have a new dog as a pet should require careful planning, whether you are a first-time owner or simply looking for another companion.

Some people may already have a plan on how to accommodate a new furry friend, yet the emergence of new breeds can be a head-scratcher. A Pomsky, for instance, is a relatively new cross-breed animal that has only been introduced in the last few years.

Pet Plan

New dog owners should be able to make time for their pet. It makes no sense to get a puppy, if you know that your job or other personal responsibilities will require most of your time. Dogs are sociable and active animals, which means that they need physical interaction and exercise among others.

Your choice of breed will largely depend on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Certain breeds are not for everyone, especially for novice owners. Take time to research to avoid getting the wrong choice, simply because you were attracted to a breed’s physical or other features.

Pomsky Personality

The place where you live is also an important factor. If you live in an apartment, a Pomsky is a great choice because of its small size. Despite being a new cross-breed, rockyridgepomskies.com noted that many Pomsky breeders offer puppies for sale or offer them for adoption.

Also known as a designer dog breed, the Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Its size can be attributed to the genes of the latter breed, as it weighs between 15 pounds and 25 pounds. However, this cross-breed is a suitable choice for apartment dwellers and make a great family pet, due to their gentleness with children and playful nature.

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Homeowners should realize that planning to get a dog is almost like having a baby, since it requires time and money to take care of a new animal.

  • Posted on October 10, 2017