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Strategies That Improve the Conversion Rate of a Landing Page

A Landing PageLanding pages are gaining influence when it comes to convincing long-time and new customers into buying products and services. Their role has grown into more than a showcase of design prowess. That’s why many experts from Denver on SEO services show that you must implement the following strategies to get the most of this aspect of your website.

Understand and Use Triggers

A trigger is what you use to grab the attention of a visitor to direct them towards an action you want them to take. These come in different forms, such as buttons, images, links, and other similar calls to action. The act you want visitors to take will have an effect on which trigger will be most effective.

If visitors are hesitant or afraid of a certain task because of its difficulty, the appropriate triggers are facilitators. These show that doing tasks on the page is easier than they look. This is why you should provide guidelines and assist them each step of the way to get that conversion.

If a visitor already knows the task but doesn’t have the motivation to do so, the right type of trigger is a spark one. Frame the call to action of that landing page in a way that it motivates visitors to act.


People want to feel they are a part of a community, where they share the same values and beliefs. The tone of your pages must validate and confirm the feeling of belonging of those that visit your website. Show empathy towards their difficulties and setbacks, so recognize their efforts and a least know their affiliations.

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When a person receives an unsolicited gift, they develop the need to return the favor. Even the smallest gestures motivate people to reciprocate. Use the landing page as an opportunity to provide visitors with freebies such as whitepapers, eBooks, newsletters and others. The motivation is to create a psychological need to choose you as their brand.

These strategies allow you to leverage the landing pages you plan to include on your websites. These boost conversion rate and provide value to visitors.

  • Posted on April 29, 2017