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The Advantages of Tiered Seating Arrangement for Your Auditorium

Empty auditorium with all lights onWhether it’s a talk by your favorite motivational speaker or a panel with some of the most respected individuals in your industry, all you ever wanted was to see them and hear them speak. The problem is, however, you may not be able to enjoy being there because you can’t see a thing. Everybody’s heads are blocking you and it doesn’t help if you’re not gifted with a good height.

Attending any kind of event, audiences want the best possible view to enjoy the experience. How does each venue do that? With the help of a tiered seating system. You — as the owner or caretaker — need to understand why you’d better consider setting up these seats in your auditorium.

Its Space-Saving Advantage

If you’re planning to renovate your auditorium, you might want to think of a better tiered seating plan — like those made of Geofoam or those with retractable features. This arrangement allows you to save space since each row is positioned at incremental heights. It will work wonders when you have limited space, as you can also pull out extra seats on the side whenever necessary.

Its Cost-Saving Benefit

Imagine saving not only space, but also costs on possible capital expenses. Compared to conventional seats, a tiered seating system allows you to get a favorable return on investment (ROI) because you know that visibility is important. Event organizers will choose you over other venues. You’ll also have a bigger audience whatever event you hold because your attendees know that their seats are worth the price. It gives a fair share of a vantage point, giving everybody a decent view.

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Its Capacity to Maximize the Venue

Depending on the seating type, you can maximize the number of people you can accommodate. You may double or even triple the audience capacity when you go for the tiered seating arrangement. That means you get to gather more people with this kind of setup.

Give your audience the view they need and deserve. When constructing or renovating an auditorium, know what best makes everybody in the venue satisfied.

  • Posted on November 16, 2017