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The Comfort Zone: 3 Signs of a Safe Neighbourhood

suburbsWhen buying a new home, it’s not just the property you should be looking at—the neighbourhood matters too. After all, it’s easier to change the look of the house if ever you don’t like it, compared to switching addresses when you realise later that the neighbourhood isn’t safe.

As you visit a potential home, look for these signs that tell you’re in a safe community:

Kids walking to school

This means parents are confident to let kids be on their own outside their homes. There’s a high chance that there’s a low crime rate in the place. The security may also be because the local community has prioritised designating a safe walking route for the children.

So, when visiting the home you’re eyeing, do it in the morning, at the time when kids go to school. Or, visit in the afternoon, at the time when children would walk home. If you see them hanging out in playgrounds or running or biking around the village, that’s a good sign. Check out the new homes around Werribee, Victoria and other peaceful suburb communities offer. Most are located near schools.

Businesses thriving

When there are lots of commercial establishments near your place, like restaurants, cafes, banks, fitness centres or retail stores, that’s a sign of a safe neighbourhood. Entrepreneurs wouldn’t put up their businesses in crime-ridden places, so if there’s a bustling commercial activity near your neighbourhood, it’s safe to assume that it’s secure.

Community gathering

When neighbours organise community events, it means that there’s an intentional effort to strengthen ties with each other. You can presume that the people in that community look out and care for one another. That’s a welcoming, respecting neighbourhood you want to be in.

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Some common events you would witness in a warm, close-knit community are a neighbourhood-wide garage sale, backyard barbecue parties and picnics at the local school. Look for these events when you visit your target home.

Remember, it’s not just the house you should be paying attention to when buying a new home. A new home located in a safe neighbourhood is what you need.

  • Posted on November 6, 2018