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The Connection Between Color Contrast and Usability

Expert Web Designer in NY Colors make websites appealing, creating a different dimension and making a page more vibrant. Web design isn’t just about flair; it’s also about using hues that add to the user experience and usability. The primary goal of a site is to improve conversion rates and make it easier for visitors to browse.

Improved Navigation

An expert on web design in NY cites that one of the most challenging aspects of a website is to find content. Some have so much going on in the form of videos, images and text; visitors have a difficult time navigating the page. The colors and contrast you use must make the categories stand out and obvious. The easier it is to find what they need, the higher the chances of conversion. Use a complementary color scheme to highlight sections on your site that a visitor may want to click.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an important design concept that may lead to better user experience because it improves website usability. This prioritizes certain parts of your website, making it easier to browse and find what a visitor needs.

There are many things vying for the attention of your potential customer when they browse your pages. Hierarchy makes sure they absorb and see the most important aspects first. This makes it easy to connect with them, convey your brand message and make your sales pitch.

More than Appearance

Color theory best practices improve your website and may improve conversion rates; however, they must have a purpose more than making a site look good. They need to have a specific purpose that makes it easier to use and navigate. Does red, white or any color make browsing enjoyable? Do the colors make it easy to find information or a product? When you answer these questions, you are on the right track.

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These are some of the reasons color is important to usability and user experience. Tying the two together improves conversion rates and raises the possibility of a visitor returning or becoming a loyal customer.

  • Posted on January 3, 2017