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Main Street Mason City

The History of the Skatepark

SkateparksAs a part of the skateboard community, you probably have an idea or two about how skateboarding came about. Although no definite beginning has been recorded, skateboarding started in the 1950s. It was said that surfers at the time thought it was a good idea to “surf” on the pavement, and thus, skateboarding was created.

How Did They Come About

You probably know about all the skateboarding icons that followed since skate boarding’s heyday in the 60s. All this knowledge about skateboarding itself is good, but have you ever wondered how other things in skateboarding came about? For example, do you know why skateparks are designed the way they are today? Here is a brief history.

The First

Swimming pools and ditches were the skateboard park design templates in the past, and perhaps the very first skateparks. As time passed, however, these parks became obsolete as skateboarders realized that they can skate wherever they want. Street skating became popular; people used all kinds of terrain like stairs, ledges, ditches, curbs, and many others.

Hope from Backlash

Sadly, the public, who saw skateboarding in a negative light, responded with regulations that kept skateboarders from enjoying the freedom of skating around the city. A silver lining emerged from this response, however, since new skateparks were built soon after to give skateboarders a place to skate in.

The Modern

These modern skateparks took inspiration from the first skateparks as well as street skating, explains an expert from OC Ramps. They featured bowls and transition forms. At the same time, they also incorporated street terrain, although street terrain in skateparks is still under-represented.

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Today’s Skateparks

Today, you will find skateparks that only has bowls and transition forms. You can also find skateparks that have a mix of transition and street. Many do debate today how skateparks should be designed. Bowl-skaters argue that street skating can be done anywhere in the city, while bowls can only be found in skateparks.

This, the history and evolution of skateparks, is the heritage that also belongs to skateboarding. Have you learned anything from this?

  • Posted on December 15, 2016