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The Homeowners’ Guide to Getting Windows Cleaned

Woman looking out windowJust like the rest of the house, windows need to get cleaned from time to time, ideally by a trained commercial window cleaner. Here are some steps to note when it comes to getting your windows cleaned.

Using Purified Water to Leave No Marks

Utah Window Cleaning Inc suggests that when hiring a commercial cleaner to clean your windows, make sure they’re using highly purified water. Some cleaners don’t clean the water used for washing the windows, and this could cause the dirt in the water to leave marks on the window once the water dries. Commercial cleaners should use filters that can purify the water until it can be used for cleaning.

Filtering Water with Nature-Friendly Elements

Other filtering methods use chemicals, but an ideal filter for purifying water should only use natural elements. Some examples of this are sediment from carbon, salt, and beads made of resin, which is a substance from plants. Many cleaning companies use these materials because they are safe for the environment.

Using Safer Methods than Ladders

In the past, washing hard to reach windows could only be done with a ladder, a bucket of water, and a sponge. Now, poles are the preferred method of window cleaning and washing by most cleaners because it’s safer. Cleaners don’t have to risk falling from rickety ladders.

Cleaning Windows with Lighter Poles

Commercial cleaners normally use brushes with poles to reach high windows. These days, poles can be made of a lighter material, such as carbon. Carbon poles make it easier for the cleaners to wash the windows because they cause less fatigue compared to heavier poles.

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Ultimately, letting commercial cleaners do the job instead of doing it yourself is the better option. They have the necessary training and equipment, and they will save you the hassle of risking yourself if you clean high windows unsupervised. With the help of an expert cleaning contractor, you’ll have squeaky clean windows in no time.

  • Posted on April 23, 2018