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The Key to Fighting Off Attackers, According to Self Defense Experts

Two people in a Fight According to former police officer turned self-defense expert Zach Hudson, most people have no idea how to react when faced with an attack. Most times, people even deny the possibility of ever coming face-to-face with danger, and this puts them at a higher risk of becoming a victim.

To heighten your chances of survival when confronted by attackers, it pays to have self-defense weapons at hand. Those looking for an extra level of protection can turn to companies that supply handy self-defense weapons like Mighty Defenses.

Apart from self-defense weapons, however, Hudson shares that awareness and self-defense give the victim a huge advantage during an attack.

It Pays to be Aware

Hudson says one of the best ways to dodge an attack is to be aware of what’s happening around you at all times.

People also need to accept the possibility that an attack can happen when they least expect it. Denying that possibility makes people complacent and less aware, making it easier for attackers to overcome their victim. Showing that you are prepared to defend yourself can make your attacker take a step back, as most times, they don’t want to deal with aggression.

Other experts suggest people listen to their gut feeling. Police statistics reveal that 90% of victims say they “felt something was wrong” before the attack happened, but they chose to brush it off.

Learn Self-Defense

Practicing even basic self-defense techniques can give you an advantage, as with practice, such moves become ingrained as muscle memory, and you can react immediately in case the worst happens.

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Martial arts trainer Mike Friedman adds that knowing how to use your body to your advantage could save your life. He says attack victims should have three goals: to neutralize the threat, to inflict overwhelming fear and pain in the attacker, and to create pain in a way that can restrict the offenders from protecting themselves.

Knowing the right techniques and having the right weapons work well when deterring an attacker. Both experts agree, however, that presence of mind and the way you use the self-defense techniques you know to your advantage will mean the difference between life and death.

  • Posted on March 17, 2017