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The Many Benefits of Cremation Compared to a Burial

The advantages of cremation over burialWhen managing the funeral of a dearly departed, the age-old question always pops up; do you bury your beloved in a cemetery or cremate his or her remains. Here are some things to consider before you make your final decision.


As with any kind of service these days, the first thing you would need to think about is your budget. Going for the traditional cemetery burial means you have to have to pay for various expenses such as the coffin and cemetery space that your beloved will be occupying. This will not include items that culture or religion may require as an integral part of the burial ceremonies and bereavement services in Croydon. Cremation allows you to save much more by taking the coffin, burial plot and funeral items out of the equation.


Decomposing bodies excrete chemicals that can be potentially harmful to the soil and over time, these can accumulate and create a bigger negative impact. Cremated bodies won’t be causing these problems since the remains will be burned and stored away so the ashes won’t be affecting the environment in any way. For ecologically aware individuals, this is something to consider seriously.

Aftercare Management

Your expenses do not stop after your loved one has been buried. There are still aftercare requirements that need to be managed as well, like maintaining the niche and cleaning the site where your loved one is buried. Cremation can help you in this aspect as well by making the aftercare management easier for you since you won’t have to task a caretaker or use up too many resources to take care of your beloved’s grave, especially if the urn remains within your residence.

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Nowadays, cremation seems to be the better option since you get the most bang for your buck compared to a common burial. Not only is it practical but you don’t have to go to the cemetery to regularly visit your dearly departed. This makes it an even more convenient option for those who still wish to be close to their beloved even after death.

  • Posted on October 4, 2018