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The Psychology of Color in Logo Design

Logo DesigningColor provides an immediate way for conveying message and meaning in your company logo. Studies have shown that people’s minds are programmed to react to color and that subliminal messages people obtain from color could shape their thoughts. Moreover, according to a study by the Color Marketing Group, 85% of consumers cite color as one of the prime reasons they’ve purchased a product over another product. When it comes to logo design, the same is true — color is crucial. Below are some common colors that have worked extremely well for successful logos.

The Color Red

As an intense color, red could easily bring to mind conflicting emotions, from war and blood to passion and love. It’s typically used in plenty of logos to get the viewer’s eye. It’s likewise known to make people feel hungry, increase blood pressure levels, and convey excitement. Think Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and a host of fast food restaurants like KFC and Wendy’s among others.

The Color Orange

This color is actually made up of yellow and red and could symbolize attributes from both colors. It’s less intense than yellow and red, but could still grip people’s attention, and is more youthful and playful than red. Orange is usually found in logos to rouse emotions and express playfulness, such as in the logos of Amazon, Nickelodeon, Payless, and Hooters.

The Color Blue

Blue rouses feelings of calmness, security, success, and authority, and is probably among the most popular colors for logos, most especially in Fortune 500 companies, as well as the medical and government sectors, such as NASA, Ford, Samsung, IBM, HP, Facebook, Skype, etc.

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The Color Green

This color signifies revitalization and new life. It’s a soothing and restful hue that’s often found in logos of businesses that want to come across as environmentally conscious, friendly, relaxing, and approachable, such as in the logo of Animal Planet, Starbucks, Android, Spotify, and various spas.

The Color Yellow

Similar to red, yellow could also convey conflicting messages, says a graphic design specialist in Utah. It could symbolize happiness and cheer, or caution. It’s likewise immensely visible and bright that’s why it could usually be found on road and caution signs. It’s commonly utilized in logos that want to come across as fun, enjoyable, happy, and warm, such as in the logos of McDonald’s, Best Buy, and National Geographic.

As you can see, the implications of the impact of color on consumers’ emotions are vast, and understanding how your target customers respond to specific colors could increase your logo’s effectiveness, as well as the effectiveness of all your other branding tactics.

  • Posted on November 24, 2016