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The Real Deal with a Bigger Air Conditioner

air conditioningIf you’re not happy with the way your AC is performing and are thinking of getting a new one, you might assume that you need a bigger unit. This is especially true if your old AC is not cooling your rooms enough or faster.

If you own an old unit and decide to replace it, choosing a bigger one may not solve your cooling or heating concerns. In most cases, it’s best to find and fix the real reason for poor and inefficient AC performance. This could be due to air leaks, lack of insulation, or a weak duct system. If you decide to buy a new one, the unit should be of the correct size.

The Problems with Bigger ACs

JC’s Heating and Air notes that an oversized unit does not only cost more, it also consumes more energy, leading to high utility bills. Air conditioning installation experts in Knoxville, TN note that it can also cause a host of other problems, such as:

  • More breakdowns and repairs needed (bigger ACs tend to cycle on and off, causing more wear and tear)
  • More noise and duct leakage
  • Higher humidity in summertime
  • An increased presence of dust mites and mold

Get More Cool Air

You might not know it, but bigger ACs can also make uneven temperatures worse. If some areas of the house are hotter when your AC is on, you need to get more cool air in the problems areas, not immediately buy a bigger AC. You can do this by repairing or sealing air leaks, improving the duct system, and adding more insulation.

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Efficiency with the Right Size

With a correctly-sized air conditioner, you will have a comfortable indoor temperature. You can also expect the AC to run at maximum efficiency even on the hottest times of the day. However, if your unit can’t keep you comfortable, you may or may not need to replace it with a bigger one. It’s best to have an AC technician inspect your duct system and house before buying a bigger unit.

If you’re buying a new AC, get the help of a reliable AC supply and installation company. It’s important to get a properly-sized unit and allow the professionals to install it in your home.

  • Posted on September 7, 2018