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The Right Kind of Cold for Your Warehouse: Proper Management

A cold storage warehouseCold storage has been around since mankind figured out that food spoils. Earlier systems kept food and other items on ice. As the years progressed, cold storage has developed into a sophisticated system, which enables warehouses and other facilities to store a variety items without worries.

The proper way to manage a cold storage warehouse, however, is not as a one-step process.

Apart from having a proper warehouse and storage cage pallet systems, it is essential to find more ways to improve the process and streamline operations.

Take the following suggestions.

Space Division Matters

Proper management of temperature is essential in keeping your cold storage processes sane. Setting the right temperature makes a massive difference in the state of your goods; a degree/Fahrenheit difference is enough to compromise product quality.

Apart from impacting the safety and quality of products, space division also affects your energy bill and workplace equipment. Remember: refrigerators exert additional effort to maintain the right temperature. Save energy and money using modular curtains or industrial freezers to sustain temperature divisions. This is important, especially in warehouses in multiple temperature zones.

Monitor Temperature Regularly

It sounds like stating the obvious, but plenty of warehouse managers skip this step by accident. Keep in mind that differences in temperature affects the quality of your goods. Cases of spoilage will result in removing contaminated products and loss of profit.

Your freezer temp should NEVER drop down below the recommendations of product safety. Install a temperature alarm or have employees monitor the temperature to ensure freezers are in good condition.

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Proper Product Handling

Be vigilant with how your workers handle the product and the order they do so. None of the shipments should arrive with damages or tears to the packaging. All packages should also be kept in storages with consistent temperature, especially during the shipping process.

Cold warehouse storages are sensitive areas that require constant monitoring and proper techniques. Keep these suggestions in mind to improve your current storage.

  • Posted on April 11, 2017