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The Right Way of Dealing with Gate Crashers

Group of people having a pool partyGreat ambiance, delicious food, festive guests — all is perfect at your party. And then the unexpected happened: There are some uninvited who showed up in your otherwise perfectly planned soiree. This is something you have not expected, and it can be unnerving and stressful.

You have to keep your cool, however, or else you will end up being the party pooper. Fortunately, there some polite ways to deal with the gatecrashers. Below are some of them, as suggested by Events Architects Pte. Ltd. and other leading providers specialising in event management:

Do not be shy

Gatecrashers can be easy to spot since they could stand out from the crowd. Usually, their attire is out of place or they are usually on their own. If you are suspecting that there is a gatecrasher, do not be shy to ask, but do it politely. If you want, you can ask someone if they know who that person is. Who knows, it might be your mom’s best friend from Sweden or a long-lost relative on your father’s side.

Escort them outside

If you think that the gatecrasher is starting to make a scene, you might want to keep it from getting worse. Normally, these are the people who are just after free food or drinks. Go forward and ask politely what their business is. If they are actually gatecrashers, do not hesitate to escort them outside.

Let it slide

Judge if the suspected gatecrasher can cause chaos or whatnot. Let it slide if they are quiet or too shy to interact. Who knows, they might be the plus ones of your guests. Approach them and ask about their business. If they provide you with a valid reason, let them stay and encourage them to enjoy the gathering.

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These are only some of the things to keep in mind when dealing with gatecrashers. Not sure what to do? Do not be afraid to seek the help of your wedding coordinator.

  • Posted on June 13, 2017