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The Role of Social Signals in SEO

SEO Specialist For a long time now, we have had to remain content with mixed responses from Google regarding the significance of social signals for SEO. Despite the fact that the company stated categorically that social signals have no influence whatsoever in their ranking algorithms, in 2014, the company had a totally different response in 2010.

Well, the responses provided have not helped the online community at all. Actually, the more Google intimates about this topic, the more it leaves people in twos. Whichever way, one thing is for sure is that if you buy real social signals, you are going to get the following results.

1. Increased Traffic

The true value of social signals comes to life in the way they encourage people to link back to your website. This is probably the reason why the need to buy real social signals has become the norm. Imagine a circumstance where one like or tweet concerning one of your blog post happens to experience a considerable amount of engagement that consequently makes your post and blog known to people who had no clue about it. This will translate to an increased number of engagements with other posts and without a doubt Google will at one point take note of this.

2. Enhance Domain Performance

There are no hard facts that support the effect that social signals have on domain performance. Nonetheless, the lack of facts does not mean that social signals are devoid of this ability. Frankly, the truth is actually far from what existing data points out. In truth, social signals direct traffic to your website by encouraging sharing and engagement, which eventually increases the value of your website. Therefore, social signals can actually increase domain authority by a great deal.

3. Invest in Social Interactions

Social signals are vital since they hone social discussions from shareable content. As long as content from a particular website is viral-worthy, you can be assured that your web traffic will increase.

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Overall, even if we do not a clear picture concerning the roles that social signals have to offer, it is quite clear that their use has a huge impact on a website’s performance.

  • Posted on September 27, 2016