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The Roles of a Property Developer in Project Construction

The role of a property developerWhen there is a commercial construction project underway, most property developers look up to commercial design and build construction project to execute the different tasks that would result in a successful project. One thing that developers are not aware of is that they have specific tasks and roles that they should carry out throughout the construction process. Some of these tasks that a developer should take up include:

Coordinating Different Contractors

Multiple contractors play different roles during the construction process. The common contractors include electrical contractors, interior designers, architects, and landscapers. These professionals have varying contracts regarding their roles. It is thus the role of a developer to coordinate the multiple contractors to ensure the project is taking the right direction without delay.


The property developer should offer insurance for the entire project and the professionals on the ground. If the policy does not cover construction costs, the developer should hire contractors that offer insurance covers for the workers on site.

Providing Site Surveys

The property developer should provide the necessary site surveys such as the environmental reports, boundary reports, and project lines, and ensure that the construction site is accessible. The site surveys help the contractor in determining the jurisdiction that they should work within.

Procurement of Fixtures

The construction company should engage in erecting the entire structure, and the developer should concentrate on the furnishing details. That means that the developer should look for the suitable furnishing details that should go into the complete structure. However, a developer can skip this role if the terms of the contract provide for the furnishing of the construction project.

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Contrary to the popular opinion that the project developer should write checks to the commercial design and build company, there are roles that the developer should carry out to enable a smooth construction process. Therefore, property developers should take up their roles in the realization of a successful construction project.

  • Posted on October 22, 2018