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There is Life Outside your “Life” – Go Seek It!

Commuting to Work in SingaporeIn this fiercely competitive day and age, it would seem that to achieve personal goals, one must focus on working hard, and nothing else. So hard, in fact, that life consists of just that: work. Society insists that working harder and harder still is the solution. To rise through the ranks, be successful, to purchase that lovely pair of shoes or another car, individuals must work harder today than yesterday. Otherwise, success will move further away from one’s reach.

While one cannot deny the time-tested value of hard, industrious work, there IS life outside of work. Contrary to popular belief, focusing on work alone compromises success and takes the fun out of one’s passion. After all, as the old saying goes, all work, no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl).

Non-stop hard work may pave the way to better opportunities, but is exchanging your health and wellness really worth it? Is your sanity, or your well-being, a good trade-off? Rather than work hard all day with no play, it is best to intentionally strike a balance between work and life. And seeking that balance is your first step towards a well-rounded, satisfying kind of success.

Work Closer, Breathe Easier

Dynamic urban developments, such as Paya Lebar Quarter, know the importance of striking this balance – a trend which is catching on, steadily but surely, especially with today’s young, modern set. As such, these projects focus on creating seamlessly integrated office spaces with residential and leisure centres. In line with this goal, they build modern, on-trend developments which offer a range of amenities, whilst merging the most important aspects of a well-balanced life.

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How would this affect working individuals?

Most employees struggle with the long commute, for one. Once they reach their jobs, they are already exhausted. Instead of enduring episodes of traffic, it’s best to work in places closer to home (especially if the pay does not justify the long commute). This gives more time for leisure and rest after long hours spent in the office.

Many other employees struggle with office spaces that do not take into consideration their well-being, for another. This is not the case with more forward-thinking developments, in which office spaces are designed to meet an individual’s various needs.

Everyone Needs some Downtime – Even You!

Every employee covered under the Employment Act in Singapore (and has worked for at least 3 months) is entitled to up to 14 days of annual leave. When vacation time rolls around, it is necessary to take advantage of it; minus the guilt. Mandated leave time gives employees a break from the rush of it all – deadlines, meetings, and stress. By taking a step back from the regular workload, employees give their mind some rest, paving the way for better ideas and productivity when they get back to the grind.

Going back to the idea of an integrated urban development, if your place of residence offers amenities that promote rest and recreation, then you do not really have to venture far to enjoy your vacation, do you? So go – leave the guilt behind and relax.

Working hard is important; but too much hard work, with no regard for any other facet of your life, can be dangerous. Intentionally seeking a balance between work and rest is the key to creating a life outside you so-called “life.” A life that brims over with dynamic possibilities and a sense of true gratification – for you and the ones you love.

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  • Posted on January 26, 2017