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This Can Make Your Building More Welcoming

Outdoor Facilities

When it comes to commercial establishments, appearances are everything.

The health of an establishment, whether private or public, depends on the exterior facilities that it offers to its employees and guests. If it has the right décor, amenities and conveniences, many people would want to enter. A welcoming atmosphere will encourage potential customers, students, employees, and others to come in and see what you have to offer.

What can you install to make your space more welcoming?

Covered Walkway

The installation of a walkway canopy provides a way for students in schools to be sheltered from the sun as they move from one area of the campus to another. A covered walkway would also make retirement homes and office buildings welcoming. Due to the changing seasons, walkway canopies provide protection against the sun, snow and rain. It is easier to move from one building to another when the campus, hospital or office has these canopies.

Greeneries and Gardens

Parks and gardens play a major role in urban areas. Apart from the ecological benefits, these encourage people to go out and enjoy the outdoors. They also promote cities as greener areas and not just places filled with buildings and vehicles.

One of the most valuable benefits of greeneries outside buildings is their contribution to the reduction of lifestyle-related diseases. Parks, for example, encourage people to walk, jog and participate in one form of sport or another. In the office, workers can step outside for a few minutes to relieve stress.

Outdoor Sitting Areas

Another way of improving areas around a building is by adding benches to encourage people to communicate with each other while enjoying the fresh air.

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Outdoor public seating also provides a ‘time-out’ space for stressed people at work, rest for a tired jogger or a lunch area for students. The elderly, on the other hand, enjoy significant improvements in their health when they sit outside under the sun even for just a few minutes a day.

These outdoor facilities are more than just random installations. Invest in these to make your establishment friendly and welcoming.

  • Posted on March 12, 2017